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"Where customer interest is compounded daily."

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BalAge Rx is our method of Bio-identical Hormone Replacement Therapy.
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Welcome to Suntree Pharmacy

At Suntree Pharmacy, we pride ourselves on our commitment to our customer's needs. From our first day in October 2001, we have made it our goal to be a resource for healthy living for all that walk through our doors. We are a full-service retail pharmacy, specializing in compounding medications for all types of specialties.

Being independently owned allows us to remain beholden only to our customers. As a small business in an economy that caters to the biggest fish, we remain loyal to the individuals who keep us in business - the people in our community. Because of this, we stress an individual experience that is catered to your needs.

Suntree Pharmacy is Brevard County's premier independent pharmacy! We take pride in our dedication to serving our customers, and treating them as friends, not just another number. We look forward to building a new relationship with you and hope to get know you soon.

7640 N. Wickham Rd. Suite 117B | Melbourne, FL 32940
Phone: (321) 253-3535 | Fax: (321) 253-2522